Diagnosis of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

What is Pupillometry?

Pupillometry measures the spontaneous variation of the pupil diameter and the pupillary light reflex.

Pupillometry is a marker of both sympathetic and parasympathetic networks.

Sean England, a PhD student at the University of Hertfordshire is carrying out a three-year study to identify and measure the effects of low-level carbon monoxide exposures on the highly sensitive nerves of the brain and eyes.

Read more about Sean's project here.

By measuring the effects of carbon monoxide on the light response of the eye, in combination with changes in blood flow to the brain and neuropsychological performance (e.g. memory, learning, information processing and reaction times), the study will provide relevant information to carbon monoxide stakeholders to facilitate action or further investigation as required by each sector.

Watch Sean's presentation of his project here.