The CO Research Trust and the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) are delighted to announce that the chosen recipient of the 2024 Christopher Bielby Carbon Monoxide Award is Barry Sheerman MP, in recognition of his tireless work in raising awareness of carbon monoxide exposure in Parliament and on the national stage.

The award recognises Barry's role in establishing the All Party Parliamentary Group on Carbon Monoxide (APPCOG, previously the APPG on Gas Safety), the hard-won improvements in regulation relating to carbon monoxide, and improvements in the overall awareness across the UK of the risks of this entirely preventable poison.

Barry has long been a campaigner for public safety including succeeding in making the compulsory wearing of seatbelts law in 1981.

The award is also dedicated to the memory of Dominic Rodgers, a resident of Barry’s constituency, Huddersfield, who tragically died from carbon monoxide twenty years ago this year, at the age of 10.

Dominic's mum went on to form the Dominic Rogers Trust which Barry worked closely with to raise awareness of Carbon Monoxide, ‘the silent killer’ and to push for greater parliamentary action to tackle this important issue.

Adrian McConnell, CEO of the Co Research Trust said:

“Chris Bielby was a great admirer of Barry Sheerman and his efforts raising awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide in and outside of Parliament. It therefore feels fitting that Barry should be named this year's recipient of the award set up in Chris’s name”.

The CO Research Trust launched the Chris Bielby CO Research Award to honour Chris's passion and commitment to safety.

Chris was a Trustee of the CO Research Trust and was the Chair for more than ten years, remaining an active contributor despite illness, generously sharing his insights and knowledge. Chris sadly passed away in July 2022.

Ian McCluskey, Head of Technical and Policy at IGEM said:

“Chris Bielby spent 50 years tirelessly lobbying and canvassing support for gas safety issues. Working together with Barry Shearman they delivered the most significant achievements in safety improvements and raising awareness of Carbon Monoxide. They both had a major impact on so many lives of those in our sector and it is appropriate Barry should be the recipient of this year's award that was created to honour Chris’s legacy".

The award will be presented at the CO Research Trust’s CO Research Conference which will take place on 18 and 19 June 2024 at Edgbaston Park Hotel in Birmingham.


Registration for the CO Research Conference is now OPEN

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