01 April 2021


Virtual Meeting

APCCOG CO Data event
APCCOG CO Data event

This event set out to analyse and examine the current sources of data on carbon monoxide (CO) incidents and exposure; and bring together views on what improvements can be made.

Expert speakers included:

Steve Dacre, Northern Gas Networks

Mark Hazelton, CO Research Trust and National Fire Chief Council

Gill Jackson, National Poisons Information Service

It is widely accepted that improved data on carbon monoxide (CO) would help CO victims to be better supported by healthcare workers. Access to better data on CO would benefit many parties, assisting GDNs in targeting their resources effectively and enabling nationwide research projects.

If records can be coordinated and aligned, trends and prevalence of CO incidents could be identified, and effective pathways for data could be established. Ultimately, better data on CO would benefit gas consumers and society.

This event was sponsored by the CO Research Trust.