15 April 2021


Virtual Meeting

The theme for the British Toxicological Society Annual Congress this year was policy engagement with carbon monoxide (CO): When wedding bells ring for toxicological research.

The congress included a number of a key speakers, including;

Professor Baroness Finlay - Cardiff University & Chair, All Party Parliamentary CO Group, APPCOG

Carbon Monoxide: The issue, policy and need for change

Isabella Myers - Chair of COMed

Saving lives, advancing treatment: CO unites healthcare professionals and toxicologists from this day forward

Dr Chris Morris - Newcastle University

Finding blood protein biomarkers to diagnose CO poisoning

Professor Andrey Abramov - University College London

Issues in treating CO poisoning: ROS production and oxidative damage during CO-hypoxia and re-oxygenation

Dr Robert Dickinson - Imperial College London

Investigating the neurological outcomes of CO exposure and the search for a therapeutic

Professor Rob Chilcott - University of Hertfordshire

The eyes have it: Future research involving pupillometry as a potential diagnostic of low level exposure to CO

Adrian McConnell - CO Research Trust

Future directions in CO research

The CO Research Trust is proud to support this event.