24 June 2021


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The All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group has launched the #CarbonMonoxideSafe4Summer campaign to ensure we can all understand how to avoid the increased risks of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure that are associated with BBQs, wood and coal burners, and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and the importance of taking a CO alarm on holiday.

Summer 2021 is shaping up to be rather different. People up and down the UK are investing in garden and outdoor living space like never before; in some places campsite bookings have leaped up 500%, and many first time users are renting caravans and boats to enjoy their summer holidays in the UK. Additionally, there has been an increase in entrepreneurial vendors renting out their fields or properties for the first time, to make the most of the increase in domestic tourism.

Carbon monoxide (CO) can pose a risk in these settings, and some people are unaware of the dangers that CO brings. The campaign launch event outlined how you can get involved with the campaign to protect yourself, your family and your community from CO poisoning. Key actions will be the safe use of outdoor heating and cooking equipment, and getting the most out of your carbon monoxide alarm.

We can easily protect ourselves and each other from CO exposure by acting safely.

The CO Research Trust is proud to be involved with this event and will support this campaign throughout the summer.

If you're keen to support this campaign and help to raise awareness, you can download the asset kit here.

Here is the campaign launch video.

Baroness Finlay, Chair of the CO Research Trust took part in this event, in her role as Chair of APPCOG. You can watch her interview here.