28 April 2022


Online Event

The CO Research Trust were delighted to welcome Dr Sophie Duggan to present the findings of a preliminary study by independent study project, AirSafe London, into carbon monoxide (CO) levels within passenger vehicles. The study was set up by Dr Sophie Duggan after her own car exposed her family to CO fumes.

The CO Research Trust funded a small study to investigate signs of CO leakage into the passenger cabin of vehicles.

A number of studies (Potcher, Oz et al 2014, Duci, Chaloulakou et al, 2003) have shown that CO levels within the passenger cabins of cars approach, and in some cases exceed, WHO limits. Further studies also indicate that this is likely to be due to internal leakage of exhaust gases, rather than to simple ingress of external pollution.

To date, however, no comparable study has been published within the UK.

The public health implications of this are clear: chronic CO exposure contributes to many forms of ill-health, including cardiovascular disease, loss of white matter in the brain, and developmental disruption of the unborn. The potential scale of in-vehicle CO exposure is furthermore very high, particularly for young children, who are well-represented in the population of those who travel in cars every day.

See below to watch Dr Duggan's full presentation.