16 January 2024



The January 2024 CORT Lecture was presented by Dr Rebecca Close, Senior Epidemiological Scientist in the Environmental Epidemiology Group at the Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards Directorate of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Exploring Carbon Monoxide Trends: Insights from the UKHSA Environmental Epidemiology Group’.

Dr Close, an expert in Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Environmental Epidemiology, has a strong focus on indoor air quality work, with a dedicated interest in advancing understanding and research in this area.

She presented on the response to carbon monoxide incidents within UKHSA and provided insights into the team's work to quantify the burden of disease associated with CO exposure.

This lecture highlighted the use of official statistics, including the analysis of Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) and the Narrative Verdicts from Coroners Reports, offering valuable insights into fatal Unintentional Non-Fire Related (UNFR) CO poisoning in England and Wales.

A full recording of the presentation can be viewed below: