01 December 2021


Online workshop

Fire Services CO Data Collection, Education and Awareness Workshop.

The CO Research Trust (CORT), the National CO Awareness Association (NCOAA), the National Fire Chiefs’ Council (NFCC), and the International CO Research Network (ICORN) held a joint workshop to explore how the community based home safety visits carried out by fire services can be used to promote awareness of, to reduce the risk of, and also to better understand the prevalence of, CO exposure in the home.

The workshop was chaired by Craig Drinkald, CO lead for the NFCC, and was attended by over 40 delegates. The full Workshop can be viewed below.

Many fire departments already use these interventions for these purposes, and this workshop provided a chance to share best practice, to consider new ideas, and to look at ways that improve the way in which these messages are delivered and the way that information is gathered and understood.

It is hoped that following on from this meeting a working group can be established to continue this information sharing and that collaborative working achieved so that a more uniform approach to CO risk prevention can be agreed, which can then be promulgated more widely.

Below are some of the presentations given during the Workshop.

Enabling CO Research - West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service - Pat Meehan, WMFRS

CO Prevention Initiatives in Maine - Fire Marshal Joe Thomas

CO Prevention and Awareness in Michigan - State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer