20 January 2022



The first 2022 lecture took place on Thursday 20th January and was given by Euan Sandilands, Director of the Edinburgh unit of the National Poisons Information Service.

Euan presented findings of the study looking at the "Health impact of CO poisoning in the UK: a study of CO exposures reported by healthcare professionals to the UK National Poisons Information Service".

The 2011 All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) report highlighted the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in diagnosis and treatment. According to the Department of Health, every year in the UK, over 200 people go to hospital with suspected CO poisoning, leading to around 40 deaths; however, relatively little is known about its epidemiology.

The survey undertaken by the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) seeks to help gauge healthcare professionals’ awareness of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, following a pilot project.

An article has been published in the Journal of Public Health for this study, Carbon monoxide exposures reported to the UK National Poisons Information Service: a 4-year study, click here to read.

Below are the slides from the presentation.

Below is a recording of the full presentation.