30 March 2022


Online event

In February 2022, Cranfield University published a report funded by the CO Research Trust called “The efficient operation of regulation and legislation: - a holistic approach to understanding the effect of carbon monoxide on mortality”.

The report included a discussion of ICD coding practices and how they might be used for more accurate recording of CO-related deaths.

The link to the report is here.

Following this, the ICD-11 coding has been published, and as this new coding is adopted the CO Research Trust hosted a roundtable chaired by Isabella Myers, the report’s author.

The roundtable considered the mortality and morbidity of carbon monoxide poisoning, bringing together worldwide experts with an interest in the development, application, and analysis of the ICD coding system.

Speakers considered the new ICD-11 coding system - exploring how best it can be used, what steps may be needed to ensure that efficacy, and whether there are further steps that may, in the future, be introduced which would maximise the value of the data collected.

Here is the link to watch back the original presentation given by Isabella Myers.

Watch the roundtable here.