18 June 2024 -
19 June 2024


Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre

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On Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th June 2024 the CORT CO Research Conference took place at Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre in Birmingham.

The Conference was a free-to-attend, two-day, in-person event open to anyone who has an interest in improving awareness and understanding of CO exposure.

See below for the agenda of the Conference that was attended by researchers, academics, industry professionals, organisations and charities who discussed the key challenges and focus on the priorities for the future of research.

Agenda Day one

Agenda Day Two

The key themes of the two day event were the following:

Pregnant women and the unborn child

There are approximately 650,000 live births in England each year with about 4,700 perinatal deaths (3,200 stillbirths and 1,400 neonatal deaths) in the same year. Of this figure, over 1,500 will be classified as unexplained deaths. It is unknown if any of these deaths were the result of CO poisoning of the pregnant woman.

Studies show that death in the first month of life, along with congenital malformations and neurological problems, can occur with moderate to severe maternal exposure to CO. Studies also conclude that such outcomes cannot be excluded even when exposure is at lower levels.

The workshop groups looked at the work taking place to understand the scale of the problem and what is required to happen to protect a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Understanding pathways for CO detection, prevention and treatment

There were detailed discussions about new developments in the measurement and detection of Carbon Monoxide in the home and other indoor environments.

The groups looked at how those technologies could be used to protect vulnerable groups and assist first responders.

Future CO Challenges

Whilst the coming decade will see significant changes in the way that we heat and cook in our homes, the evidence is clear that low-level carbon monoxide exposure will remain a significant issue and public health burden.

Conference delegates explored how we make the best use of the data and tools available to us to be ready for these changes. And how as a CO community we engage, educate and influence decision-makers and key stakeholders in the coming years.



It is universally agreed that the incidents of carbon monoxide exposure are under-reported – both in the data collected by first responders and by health care professionals.

The questions discussed by all groups were:

- what is holding us back from having a better idea of the scale of exposure?

- what do we need to do with the data we do have?

- how can we improve the quality of data?

- what data do we need to improve awareness amongst the public, influence policy makers, and better understand this preventable poison?

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