Since 2013 the Trust has provided funding to a wide range of academic bodies, statutory organisations, charities, voluntary groups, social housing associations, local authorities, and others that meet our chosen areas of focus for research.

Below you will find details of all our funded research projects, including final reports, where we have them.

Newcastle University


Newcastle University - Identification of Protein Markers in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Following Carbon Monoxide Exposure – Phase II.

Making a diagnosis of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is difficult, particularly if the healthcare professional does not have a raised suspicion that C ... Read more

University College London


University College London - Unravelling the Mechanism of Carbon Monoxide Toxicity.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning causes morbidity and mortality around the world and remains common in the UK. CO leads to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) by f ... Read more

London Fire Brigade


London Fire Brigade - Carbon Monoxide and Houseboat Research Project

This research project aims to give a much more informed picture of CO levels on houseboats in London. Read more

AirSafe London


AirSafe London - Carbon Monoxide in Passenger Vehicles

Comparison of in-car CO values and ambient CO, as measured by environmental stations, indicates that this is likely to be due to internal leakage of e ... Read more


Lancaster University, West Midlands and Merseyside Fire Services


Lancaster University – Impacts of Chronic Low Level CO Poisoning in Older Adults

Gathering data on low-levels of CO present in homes of older adults and will screen their cognitive function and mental health. Read more

Imperial College


Imperial College – Investigating Novel Therapies for Acute Carbon Monoxide Exposure, Injury Mechanisms and Biomarkers for Low Level and Repeated Exposure to Carbon Monoxide in an In Vivo Rodent Model

This piece of research looks at low-level exposure to carbon monoxide (CO), how to improve understanding of what constitutes low-level, how can diagno ... Read more

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