The key focus of the work of the Trust is research. We believe this will make the greatest difference to everyone who is poisoned and exposed to carbon monoxide (CO), now and in the future.

The CO Research Trust provides grant funding, advice and support to organisations wishing to carry out research relating to CO safety.

Our vision is a world where people are not exposed to CO. Not only are people dying, but many are unaware that they are being poisoned at low levels, which can lead to adverse health outcomes.

Additionally, there is some evidence that suggests low level exposure may exacerbate other medical conditions.

We want a world where CO poisoning does not occur but understand that this may not be possible. So, where CO poisoning does occur, we want it to be easily detected, diagnosed, and treated.

The focus of our activity over the next five years is;

  • To improve the diagnosis of CO poisoning - by finding a new biomarker
  • To understand the mechanics of CO poisoning - to improve treatments
  • To understand the co-morbidities in vulnerable groups - to develop solutions to mitigate risk
  • To measure the scale of CO poisoning in the UK
  • To understand the impact of building regulations and energy efficiency on CO safety
  • To understand the level of risk in the use of solid fuels
  • To improve detection where the risk of CO exposure cannot be eliminated

The research that we fund supports awareness, campaigning and educational activities, with a view to saving lives and improving the quality of life of those already affected.

The Trust has set out four main goals to work towards. These are:

CO Research Trust Goals
CO Research Trust Goals

Collaboration is key

Since 2017, the Trust has brought together the UK’s leading industry, scientific, and clinical experts at our workshop series.This has sought to encourage conversation around key areas relating to CO exposure.

We know from the broader research community that a collaborative approach to research has enabled progress to be made. We actively encourage this approach and always welcome opportunities to develop co-funding partnerships and consortia between researchers. We know that these goals cannot be achieved alone.

You can download the CO Research Trust 2021-2025 Strategy document here CO Research Trust Strategy