The CO Research Trust provides funding to a wide range of charities, voluntary groups, associations, social housing associations, local authorities, statutory organisations, academic bodies, and others that meet our chosen areas of focus. These are;

  • To improve the diagnosis of CO poisoning - by finding a new biomarker
  • To understand the mechanics of CO poisoning - to improve treatments
  • To understand the co-morbidities in vulnerable groups - to develop solutions to mitigate risk
  • To measure the scale of CO poisoning in the UK
  • To understand the impact of building regulations and energy efficiency on CO safety
  • To understand the level of risk in the use of solid fuels
  • To improve detection where the risk of CO exposure cannot be eliminated

You can find out more details about these areas of interest in our 2021-25 strategy document or by getting in touch by email to

How to Apply

Step 1

Get in touch! We are keen to hear from anyone who has research ideas or concepts that they would like to talk through. We would rather speak to you first, to ensure that your project idea is within scope before you download and complete the Application Forms. Email us at

Step 2

Download and review the Grant Application Form, Grant Application Procedure document as well as our Terms and Conditions documents. Please note that full completion of a Grant Application Form and supporting documents are required for every application.

Step 3

Check the dates for the grant calls.

Step 4

Complete the application forms.

Step 5

Email the application forms with all supporting documentation to You will receive a confirmation of receipt and your application will be sent to the Grant Committee. They may require further information or clarification.

Step 6

As part of this process you may be invited to present your proposal to the CO Research Trust Grant Committee.

Step 7

Your application will be presented to the Trustees at the CO Research Trust Board meeting. The Trustees will inform you of their decision, in writing within one week of that meeting.

The Trustees intend the application system to be as simple and effective as possible. We appreciate your feedback on this process.

Though it is not required, you are strongly advised to get in touch with the CO Research Trust before submitting your application.

Our grant calls

New Grants Announced - Spring 2025


Presentation Day - February 2025


Grant Application Shortlisting - January 2025


Main Grants call close

4th December

Main Grants call open

25th September

Research Conference

18th June -
19th June

Whilst we can only receive applications during these time periods, we are happy to discuss any ideas or proposals at any time of the year.

NIHR Non-Commercial Partner

Please note that the CO Research Trust is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) non-commercial partner should this aid you in your application.

NIHR non-commercial Partners are organisations that:

  • Award research funds as a result of open competition across England with high quality peer review.
  • Fund research that is of clear value to the NHS.
  • Take appropriate account of the priorities, needs and realities of the NHS in making decisions about the research that they fund.

We do not fund

  • Unspecified activities. The Grant must be related to a specific programme or project that meets the CO Research Trust’s eligibility criteria.
  • Day-to-day administrative and/or general operational running costs.
  • Capital equipment costs.
  • Sponsorship (nor can the CO Research Trust’s name be used for any sponsorship).
  • Individuals, except in the context of their business activities.
  • Individuals for study or educational funding.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Awards, unless those undertaken by the CO Research Trust or any other related body.
  • Professional conferences or professional fees.
  • Projects where the CO Research Trust grant support input will not make a positive impact and cannot be clearly defined. We want every £1 donated to make a difference to those most in need.

Application Form

Download Form  CO Research Circle

Application Guidelines

Download PDF  CO Research Circle

Risk Register

Download form  CO Research Circle

Risk Register Example

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Marketing Plans

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