Since 2013 the Trust has provided funding to a wide range of academic bodies, statutory organisations, charities, voluntary groups, social housing associations, local authorities, and others that meet our chosen areas of focus for research.

Below you will find details of all our funded research projects, including final reports, where we have them.

Click here to read all the papers published following CORT-funded research projects.

University College London


University College London - Carbon monoxide toxicity: studies of a neuroprotective strategy in vivo and in vitro in a human cell model

The main objective of this research project is to investigate the inhibition of the specific enzyme which produces oxidative stress at the time of re- ... Read more

Sheffield Hallam University


Sheffield Hallam University - The effects of low-level CO exposure on the adult and developing brain

The aim of this study is to address this outstanding question, and determine the effects of CO at exposures ranging from 0-9 ppm on the brain, looking ... Read more

Institute of Occupational Medicine


Institute of Occupational Medicine - Annual collation and analysis of published materials on carbon monoxide and health

This work will ensure that this extensive catalogue of materials on CO and health is made available as widely as possible, thus gaining the greatest b ... Read more

University Hospital Aintree


University Hospital Aintree - Extending the QIP for CO Diagnosis in ED

This project serves to expand the successful intervention that was developed using a standardised methodology at University Hospital Aintree (UHA) in ... Read more


Cranfield University


Cranfield University - The efficient operation of regulation and legislation: An holistic approach to understanding the effect of carbon monoxide on mortality

This research investigates the opportunities offered by the introduction of the medical examiner system and recent scientific developments, which have ... Read more


Institute of Occupational Medicine


Solid Fuel Review, Institute of Occupational Medicine

Solid Fuel Review, Institute of Occupational Medicine Read more

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