The central aim of this project is the reduction of the danger of carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins from burning fossil fuels in various environments by developing a series of safety products and procedures based on solid research.

In order to achieve these aims, the following objectives were met:

1. The fundamental principles of CO release from different fossil fuels in a number of different environments needs to be investigated.

2. The development of a number of solutions (i.e. products), which are ready to be implemented by various relevant industries and which will improve the safety of fossil fuel burning.

3. A number of simple procedures to minimise CO+ release from various sources will be tested to establish their efficiency and feasibility.

4. A number of existing Health & Safety products for the detection of CO in environments, such as houses, will be adapted for outdoor environments.

5. A number of new ideas for the detection and warning of CO and/or other harmful toxins in various environments will be tested and their feasibility evaluated.

The project had three components to it. One overarching component carried all of the above aims and objectives, while the other two adopted the above objectives as their aim and developed more detailed objectives to deliver those aims.