05 July 2022



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On Tuesday 5th July 2022 the CO Research Trust will be holding the first ever CO Research Conference at Church House Conference Centre, Westminster in London.

CORT Research Conference 2022

The Conference will be a full-day in person event, and is open to anyone who has an interest in improving awareness and understanding of CO exposure.

The event will provide the opportunity to review the research that has been carried out to date, as well as look at projects that are currently in progress.

It will be an opportunity for researchers, academics, industry professionals, organisations and charities to meet in person, to discuss the key challenges and focus on the priorities for the future.

Lab work

The Conference is free to attend, but delegates are required to sign up to register their attendance by Friday 27th May 2022.

The Conference will be divided into two separate events. On Tues 5th July delegates will find out about the Trust's new grant application process for 2022/23. If you are considering applying to the CO Research Trust for funding, you are strongly advised to attend.

To kick off the new grant application process for 2022/23, the Trust will be running a Sandpit event on Wednesday 6th July, at the same venue.

The aim of this event is to bring together any potential grant applicants to provide a forum for some free thinking, to delve into the problems surrounding the research into CO.


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The theme of both events will focus on the following areas of CO research:

  • Improved Diagnosis - A critical area of research. Given the limitations of carboxyhaemoglobin (COHb) it is essential that a new biomarker is found to make diagnosis easier, to ensure that those who need treatment receive it, and to make sure that all cases of CO exposure are identified, so a true picture emerges. This may include the development of new techniques, improved patient pathways, and improvements in the application of technology.
  • Better Treatments and Therapeutics - To improve the treatments and therapeutics for CO exposure, we need to better understand the mechanisms of CO poisoning, to review and build upon current methods, and to further explore the increased susceptibility and specific risks associated with vulnerable groups and those with underlying health conditions.
  • Understanding Vulnerable Groups, Co-Morbidities and Health Outcomes from CO Poisoning - It is generally thought that the elderly, children, pregnant women (and unborn child), people living in fuel poverty, and people with underlying health conditions are more susceptible to CO exposure. Similarly, it is important to understand the long-term outcomes of exposure on healthy individuals. To be able to develop policies and solutions to mitigate these risks, we need to increase our knowledge of the consequences of exposure.

Please note, numbers for the Sandpit event are limited. We will confirm if you have been allocated a place in the Sandpit event by Tuesday 7th June.

Key dates to remember

  • Tues 3rd May - Registration opens for Conference and Sandpit Event
  • Fri 27th May - Registration for both events closes
  • Tues 7th June - Delegates who have been allocated a space in the Sandpit Event will be notified
  • Tues 5th July - Research Conference 2022 - Full day
  • Weds 6th July - Sandpit Event - Half day (AM)

The full agenda and line up of speakers will be coming soon.

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