Since 2013 the Trust has provided funding to a wide range of academic bodies, statutory organisations, charities, voluntary groups, social housing associations, local authorities, and others that meet our chosen areas of focus for research.

Below you will find details of all our funded research projects, including final reports, where we have them.

Click here to read all the papers published following CORT-funded research projects.


Newcastle University


Newcastle University – Identification of Protein Markers in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Following CO Exposure

Department of Health (DH) statistics state that every year in England and Wales, approximately 30 people die from CO poisoning, that 200 people are ad ... Read more


University Centre of Legal Medicine, Lausanne/Brunel University/Public Health England


University Centre of Legal Medicine, Lausanne/Brunel University/Public Health England – Effect of Blood Storage Methods on COHb and use of CO as a Biomarker for Diagnosis.

The 2011 All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) report identified a key role for coroners to support increased detection of CO poisoni ... Read more


Newcastle University


Newcastle University – The Utility of Mitochondrial Complex IV Analysis as a Biomarker of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

One problem with human exposure to CO is that directly demonstrating CO toxicity is difficult as symptoms of CO poisoning are non-specific. CO can als ... Read more

University College London (UCL)


University College London - Carbon monoxide toxicity: Developing a neuroprotective strategy to improve treatment outcomes (Part 2)

Exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) impedes the ability of the heart and brain to function by reducing the availability of oxygen (O2). Read more

University of Hertfordshire


University of Hertfordshire - Evaluation of Chromodynamic Pupillometry as a Sensitive Indicator of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Clinically important information on the effects of low-level exposure to CO on the brain; information that they can immediately make use of within the ... Read more

Sheffield Hallam University


Sheffield Hallam University - A novel method for researching the role of CO in human diseases

In humans, CO exposure is difficult to study experimentally since the amount of CO that it is ethical to deliver is limited. Read more

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