21 November 2022



The CO Research Trust has joined the Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week campaign to raise awareness of the new rules for carbon monoxide alarms in homes, and to help people stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning this winter.

To read our statement of support click here.

Tens of people die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year, and thousands are harmed. But with a little lifesaving knowledge, exposure to carbon monoxide can be easily avoided.

Rising fuel poverty and the current cost of living crisis are placing households at an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, as people are looking for any way possible to save on heating and cooking costs.

From 21 – 27 November, Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week will highlight the new rules for carbon monoxide alarms in homes, show where to seek additional support, and explain how to recognise carbon monoxide poisoning.

As a stakeholder to the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, the Trust was delighted to see the law change to require alarms in millions more homes and improve carbon monoxide safety in society.

The Trust will support #COAW22 with online messaging and awareness-raising activity on our website and on our social channels here.

Find out more about carbon monoxide and download you free assets kit for the awareness week.