The CO Research Trust is supporting the "Get Winter Ready" campaign led by CORGI Services, which is encouraging homeowners and tenants to be prepared ahead of the cold weather.

Get Winter Ready campaign
Get Winter Ready campaign

While it may seem strange to be thinking about boilers while the sun is still shining, there are some important safety benefits to planning ahead and being prepared before the cold weather arrives.

CORGI Services is giving homeowners and residents the following advice.

Have your boiler serviced every year

CORGI Services is encouraging HA residents and tenants to allow access to their property when landlords have arranged boiler services. Annual boiler services help prevent gas leaks, reduce the risk of fire and also help to prevent CO poisoning.

It can also detect and repair problems that may prevent the boiler from breaking down in freezing weather.

Flush heating systems

Flushing the heating system prevents sludge from building up. Sludge makes your heating system less efficient, as it prevents the hot water from circulating properly.

This can lead to colder homes, which can have an impact on health.

Reduce condensation and damp in your home

To reduce the risk of condensation and damp, don't hang damp clothes on radiators to dry as this produces moisture.

Keep windows open to help ventilate your home.

Don't let your home get cold, as this can cause condensation and damp.

Consider replacing your old boiler

While this might seem an expensive option, replacing an old boiler could save up to £840 a year on energy bills.

New boilers installed correctly by a registered gas installer also help to reduce the risk of CO poisoning.

CORGI Services is also providing advice to tradespeople to help them prepare their businesses for the winter months ahead.

Be prepared for winter driving

Keep your vehicle in good condition and plan your journey. Be prepared for bad weather.

Get your kit ready

Stock up on all your equipment so you have all you need to complete jobs.

Work on your business

Preparation in the summer months will help build stronger plumbing, heating and home improvement businesses throughout the winter, keeping people safe and warm in their homes.

More information on the campaign is available on the CORGI Services website by clicking here.