The IOM has built a catalogue of published materials on carbon monoxide (CO) and health covering published materials from 2015-2021. This work was funded by the CO Research Trust. The catalogue of material has been presented in a detailed spreadsheet containing information about the publications, such as authors, where they worked (organisation and country), keywords and summaries of the contents (where available).

The IOM has also developed a methodology for categorising the material into a number of overarching themes (e.g. what health outcome was covered, what study methods were used, what treatments were assessed).

A short report accompanied the output spreadsheet, which included an analysis of the characteristics of the published materials, including the trends over time of research themes, most published researchers and most commonly used keywords.

The existing catalogue provides a rich resource containing 7 years’ worth of material with a wealth of information on the types of research carried out into CO over this period, which can be used to identify the key researchers and research, and other, institutions working in this area and the overarching research themes.

The current project is to build on this work in three ways:

(a) update this existing material on an annual basis to provide an ongoing overview of recent research in carbon monoxide: including key topics, who carries it out, where it is carried out and trends in research themes over each time period;

(b) hold a workshop with potential users of the catalogue to ask about its usefulness, and any modifications which would improve it and

(c) to update the existing spreadsheet to make it more accessible.

The outputs of this research will be an updated catalogue of published resources, taking into account any feedback and improvements learned from the workshop/discussions with users, and a short annual report, and accompanying paper in a relevant journal.

The report will include a commentary on the recent CO research landscape, identifying key themes and research gaps thus providing a clear view of the direction of recent CO research and help in the identification of future research priorities.

The updating of the existing spreadsheet aims to make it accessible to a range of stakeholders, including researchers, interest groups and clinicians.

This work will ensure that this extensive catalogue of materials on CO and health is made available as widely as possible, thus gaining the greatest benefit from it.