The CO Research Trust has announced that the inaugural Research Conference due to take place next week will include the presentation of completely novel research into the diagnosis and treatment of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure, that has not previously been made public.

The two projects, which will both be presented on Tuesday 5th July, have the potential to shape how exposure to (CO) poisoning is diagnosed and treated, across the world.

Baroness Finlay, Chair of the CO Research Trust, will address the conference to praise the innovative work that is being carried out.

Baroness Finlay said. “The search for a reliable biomarker continues to dominate the discussion around the diagnosis of CO exposure. Since 2013, the Trust has invested almost £3m in research projects and is committed to investing a further £1.5m in the next five years. These two projects, in particular, are breaking new ground and really pushing CO research into new areas. We look forward to hearing from some of the key experts in this field, and are excited about what this event can achieve.”

The conference will hear from CORT funded researchers who are working on innovative projects which will improve the diagnosis and treatment of CO exposure. One example is the investigation into the use of Pupillometry as a sensitive indicator of CO exposure. This is being carried out by the Toxicological Centre at the University of Hertfordshire.

Another is a project being carried out at University College London, which is looking at alternative treatments of CO exposure, other than the administration of high-flow oxygen, as this is known to cause further medical complications in patients.

Adrian McConnell, Head of Charitable Operations at the CO Research Trust said. “The calibre of speakers who will be presenting at our first ever CO Research Conference is outstanding. We are proud to be able to bring together the brightest minds in the field of CO Research and are hopeful that the outcome of the Conference will be the development of further groundbreaking scientific research projects.”

Adrian continued. “We are also honoured to be joined by Prof. Robert Chilcott, Prof. Andy Shaw, Prof. Shirley Price and Consultant Isabella Myers, who will be chairing each of our four sessions during the day. The response to our announcement of the Conference has been overwhelming. We anticipate a full capacity turn out at Church House Conference Centre.”

Registration has now closed for the event, which will take place on Tuesday 5th July 2022. However, all presentations will be available on the CO Research Trust website following the event

Below is the full list of Conference Speakers

  • Baroness Finlay of Llandaff - Chair of CO Research Trust
  • Charon McNabb - Founder of The National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association
  • Professor Heather Jarman - Research Director Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions, and clinical research lead, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Professor Chris Morris - Senior lecturer Translational and Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University
  • Sean England - Toxicology Research Group, University of Hertfordshire
  • Professor Andrey Abramov - Department of Clinical and Movement Neurosciences, UCL
  • Dr Steven White - Consultant Neurophysiologist, Cromwell Hospital and the Portland Hospital
  • Professor Derek Steele - Professor of Cellular Physiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, School of Biomedical Sciences, Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Leeds
  • Dr Mari Herigstad - Senior lecturer in biomedical and healthcare science, Sheffield Hallam
  • Beth Cheshire - Lead Researcher, University of Lancashire
  • Hilary Warning - Director, Improving Performance in Practice
  • Emma Fraser - Community Safety Senior Development Officer, London Fire Brigade
  • Dr Julie Connolly - Senior lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University


About the CO Research Trust

The CO Research Trust is a registered charity which was established in 2005. The vision of the charity is a world where people are not exposed to carbon monoxide (CO).

For more information please contact;

Natalie Fleck

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