The CO Research Trust will present findings from a project to find a new biomarker for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in its February Lecture.

The search for a biomarker to help diagnose CO poisoning continues to be a challenge.

Previous studies and reports from healthcare professionals have concluded that whilst the use of carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) as a biomarker is in many ways useful, there is a clear requirement for novel biomarkers for CO exposure to be identified.

At our February Lecture, the CO Research Trust will be joined by Dr Stefania Oliverio who will present the findings of her project. This looked at whether measuring CO rather than COHb in the blood is a more reliable way to diagnose CO exposure.

The Lecture will take place online on Mon 20th Feb at 2-3 pm GMT - Sign up here.

The project also assessed whether the methods used to store blood has an effect on CO levels and whether this leads to an underestimation of the recorded incidence of CO exposure.

Dr Oliverio is a forensic toxicologist at the National Health Laboratory in Luxembourg, department of forensic medicine. Following her Masters, she collaborated with the University of Lausanne and Brunel University on this project, which was funded by the CO Research Trust.

Around half of accidental, non-fire-related poisoning fatalities are attributed to carbon monoxide (CO) every year in the UK, USA, and many other countries.

However, due to the non-specificity of the symptoms and, the limitations of COHb as a biomarker, there is general agreement that many cases are being missed or misdiagnosed, especially at low levels.

Join us to hear Dr Oliverio's findings from this important study.

To sign up to the presentation, please click here.

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